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Former Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis said, “…no job is a good job unless it is also safe.” Although workplace injuries have been declining over the last 40 years, safety requires constant vigilance. North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH), from May 6-12, turns the spotlight to safety and health in the work environment.  Its primary mission is to send people home safely at the end of the workday.


NAOSH Week’s multinational roots began during the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Spearheaded by Canada, all 3 nations recognized the importance of workplace safety as a unifying goal in trade and labor, and established NAOSH Week in September 1996.


The workplace is a dynamic environment, so employers know that identifying and preventing causes of fatalities and injuries before they happen is the best approach to safety.  Occupational health and safety programs apply this philosophy, and have proven to be effective tools in reducing fatalities and injuries. Many countries require employers to implement them, such as Canada, Australia, all members of the European Union, Korea, and Japan, as well as 15 states in the United States.  These programs have the most impact when both company leadership and workers are involved.


Occupational health and safety, however, is not just about counting the number of injuries in the workplace and improving productivity.  Employers now realize that occupational health does not end at 5 pm, as most employees these days continue engaging with work after hours on their phones and laptop computers. Maintaining employee health and well-being around the clock is what makes a happy and productive workforce.  Workers who have enough energy after hours to cook healthy meals for their families and keep up with their kids on neighborhood bike rides make the best employees.


GoHealthNow’s innovative occupational health and wellness technology platform supports the mission and goals of the NAOSH initiative. Our integrated services connect people with personalized resources, services and data that promote health, wellness and safety both inside and  outside the workplace. 24/7 telemedicine sessions instantly connect workers with a network of care providers and services, ranging from physicians to nutritionists and physical therapists. An AI-based online wellness program gives employees access to personalized information and local resources on relevant health topics including how to eat better and exercise more. And customized online safety programs are delivered directly to employees, with the goal of raising awareness to prevent injuries before they occur.

GoHealthNow’s holistic, integrated approach gives employees round-the-clock access to tailored health and wellness resources, resulting in a healthier, safer and more productive workforce. Book a demo to learn how our platform can help your organization deliver world-class care to employees, while saving time and money.

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