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Construction is a high-hazard profession. One in five of all worker deaths occurred in the construction industry in 2016. Construction workers are at a higher risk of injury and fatalities because the job is physically demanding, involves large moving equipment, and exposes them to hazardous materials. The top 4 leading causes of death, or construction’s “Fatal Four,” are falls, being struck by objects, electrocution, and being caught-in/between (when workers are compressed or crushed by equipment or objects).

Non-fatal injuries are also common in construction, though they have significantly declined.  However, construction workers have longer recovery times from non-fatal injuries than all other private industries, and construction companies spend more on workers’ compensation than other occupations.  The combined result is lost worker productivity and high employer healthcare expenditures, which disrupts operations and hurts profitability.

Proactive Construction Worker Safety

Construction companies have often taken a slow, reactive approach to on-the-job injuries and illness. The issue is further complicated by the fact that construction workers are usually located across multiple job sites, making it difficult to get them fast access to care and track their progress. This can result in lengthy worker’s comp claims, high MOD rates and skyrocketing costs. Today, construction companies are keen to adopt a more proactive and technology-centric approach to reduce injuries, control costs and streamline care management.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), safety and health management systems can reduce injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent by addressing both injury prevention and injury care. Analyzing injury incidence identifies the primary causes of injuries and helps employers develop targeted safety messaging and training.  And prompt access to medical care can reduce the impact and severity of injuries, shortening recovery time so employees get back to work faster.

Construction companies need a coordinated solution that accomplishes these goals while also providing complete care and claims data, regardless of where the employee is located.

Healthier Workers, Lower MOD Rates

GoHealthNow’s occupational health and wellness technology platform helps construction companies improve worker health, regain control over their MOD rates and decrease costs.  Onsite 24/7 telemedicine sessions instantly connect workers with clinical experts, reducing the severity and length of an injury. AI-driven personalized wellness resources guide employees toward better health options to prevent, manage and even reverse many costly chronic illnesses. Online safety programs, tailored based upon employer injury data, help to reduce reportable injuries and reduce worker’s comp costs. And comprehensive care and claims data is available in a HIPAA-compliant portal with advanced analytics tools.


GoHealthNow helps companies decrease healthcare and worker’s comp costs by proactively creating a healthier, safer workforce and lower MOD rate. Book a demo to learn how we can tailor a solution for your organization’s specific needs.

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