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By FELIX RIVERA, Sales Executive

In addition to telemedicine, another hot topic at the 6th annual Health and Benefits Leadership Conference (HBLC) was wellness programs in the workplace. The annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey on employer health benefits found that 81% of large firms (over 200 workers) offer wellness programs.


Wellness programs have traditionally focused on analyzing health assessments and screenings (e.g. blood glucose level, blood pressure, and body mass index) and carrying out programs to improve health (e.g. quitting smoking and losing weight). Despite their availability and good intentions, low participation rates and high costs can make employers think twice about implementing wellness programs.


Wellness Program Benchmarks

In the session “Why most wellness programs are destined to fail,” Ryan Picarella, the president of the Wellness Council of America, shared an encouraging framework for wellness program success.  His 7 benchmarks emphasized the need for a supportive work environment:


  • Committed and aligned leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork in support of wellness
  • Data collection to evolve a healthy work environment and culture
  • Operations planning to guide approach and achieve impact
  • Support of all employees with a broad approach to wellness
  • Promote health and wellness through environment, policies, and practices
  • Evaluate, communicate, celebrate, and iterate


By following this proven structure, organizations can create a results-oriented wellness program that is tailored toward their values, mission, vision and goals. You can read more about the 7 Benchmarks here.


GoHealthNow Approach

GoHealthNow’s integrated occupational health and wellness technology platform is well-aligned with the WELCOA framework. Onsite telemedicine sessions with a growing network of providers, plus AI-driven personalized digital health and wellness resources keep employees healthy, productive and motivated. Interactive online communities connect people with common goals and interests in health and wellness.  Employers are given customized tools and information to make changes in workplace environment to support employee wellness around the clock, at home and at work. This aligns the goals between employers and employees and makes wellness a central part of workplace environment. And employers stay informed about care and claims status through comprehensive, real-time data in a secure portal with dashboards with analytics tools.


Our goal is to instantly connect people with care, resources and information that will improve their health and wellness while reducing costs.  Book a demo to see how we can help your organization deliver world-class care to employees while saving time and money.

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