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By FELIX RIVERA, Sales Executive

Earlier this month I attended the 6th annual Health and Benefits Leadership Conference (HBLC) in Las Vegas.  This event brings together human resources and benefits professionals to share best practices to keep employer benefits programs fresh and competitive. The event also featured a Health and Benefits Expo showcasing the latest HR solutions ranging from health insurance and accident/critical illness plans, to wellness programs and technology including telemedicine. Speakers and attendees came from  public and private sectors including retail, technology , finance and insurance, government and academia.

An overarching conference theme  was the imperative for companies to protect the well-being of their employees in radically changing work environments.  Industry experts spoke about current workplace trends and new solutions to address the evolving needs of the business as well as the workforce. Four particularly relevant sessions  were: “The doctor is on: Unleashing the power of telemedicine,” “Reaching employees where they are,” “Detecting the unmet needs of employees,” and “Why most wellness programs are destined to fail”.


The Power of Telemedicine

The doctor is on: Unleashing the power of telemedicine,” presented by Bart Sheeler, the CEO of Benezon, a telemedicine advocacy service, and Randy Keuch, the head of Total Rewards – America of Teva Pharmaceuticals, began with a striking statistic: according to the National Business Group on health study, 96% of large employers expected to offer telemedicine services by next year, up from 90% this year.


Employers understand that telemedicine makes sense for their bottom line and for their employees:

  • Telemedicine saves money. It reduces the number of costly and unnecessary office visits, urgent care, or emergency room visits. Moreover, online communication  costs even less than co-payments.
  • Telemedicine saves time.  Online doctor visits are convenient and immediate: no more long waits to see a doctor, and no more missed days of work.
  • Telemedicine  makes healthcare more accessible.  Employees who travel, work in rural locations, or live in underserved cities can receive care from anywhere.
  • Telemedicine offers a variety of healthcare options.  Employees can speak not only to medical doctors, but also to specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and behavioral therapists.
  • Telemedicine increases employee satisfaction.  Employees save on a variety of medical costs such as consult fees, which are typically lower than out-of-pocket co-payments for traditional office visits. And surveys have shown that telemedicine can increase employees’ overall health awareness and enhance well-being.


Telemedicine: A 21st Century Solution

Attending  HBLC it was clear  that telemedicine will be at the forefront of the 21st century health and benefits solutions. It is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of both employers and employees by lowering costs, saving time and increasing access to care.


Telemedicine is a core part of GoHealthNow’s integrated health and wellness technology platform for employers. Check out this brief video to see how telemedicine sessions work. Contact us for a free assessment and demo of how our solutions can help your business and your employees.


In an upcoming blog, we’ll share what conference presenters had to say about wellness programs and what it takes to make them a success in today’s workplace.

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